Daniel Barnes

About Dr Daniel Barnes

I have worked as a lecturer, teacher, bookshop manager, gallery invigilator, curator and freelance writer, for the most part simultaneously, which exemplifies a lifelong passion for art, culture and ideas. I was born on the Isle of Wight in the very year that both Jean Baudrillard's ​​​Simulacra and Simulation and Arthur Danto's The Transfiguration of the Commonplace were published, which, if you ask me, is a bit of a cosmic coincidence.
 My main inerest is in the relationship between capitalism and culture, which I think is the 21st Century’s great existential dilemma. In particular, I am fascinated by the YBAs, Britpop and 90s culture; I am more or less constantly ruminating on a book on this subject. My PhD defended an unfashionably strict form of aesthetic realism and offered a resolution to the Heidegger/Schapiro debate over the meaning of van Gogh's A Pair of Shoes (1886). My academic career, however, was cursed by the fact that I was putting the final touches to my doctoral thesis at the very same moment that Lehman Brothers were filing for bankruptcy: the night of 16 September 2008, the very exact moment when Damien Hirst was bypassing his galleries to sell £111million worth of new artworks at Sotheby's London. It's funny how things are all connected in the end. 
I have taught philosophy at the University of Nottingham and aesthetic theory at Chelsea College of Art, and have taught courses on art and capitalism, the aesthetics of digital art, as well as the standard A-Level Philosophy stuff. I have written on pictorial representation, architecture, the ontology of artworks, aesthetic experience, tragedy and street art, as well as countless reviews and features on contemporary art. I was contemporary art critic for Aesthetica and this is tomorrow, and I wrote columns on the art market for FAD and for State/f22. At a high point in my career, I was resident philosopher for The Butcher's Apron and wrote an unphilosophical lifestyle column for Winq. A lot of this work has dried up since I decided I would no loger write for free.
In recent years, I have become somewhat infamous for my unfashionable obsession with Damien Hirst , which is the subject of a long-term evangelical project. I am currently working on a book, The Value Industry, which constructs a theory of value for contemporary art embroiled in the popular culture of art, money and celebrity. At present, I am Lecturer in English at City of Westminster College, London.
If you would like to hire me for writing, speaking, teaching or consultancy, please do  get in touch . I am particularly interested in taking on more teaching gigs and writing catalogue essays, press releases or artist bios. Basically, though, I will write anything for money because that is what I do. 
L5 Diploma in Education and Training
City of Westminster College, UK

Certificate in Education
East London College, UK, 2016

NVQ Level 3 in Cultural Venue Operations
Mapalim, London, UK, 2011

PhD in Philosophy
University of Nottingham, UK, 2004-2008
'Artworks and Agents': supervised by Prof Gregory Currie; examined by Dr Komarine Romden-Romluc and Prof Peter Lamarque
MA by Research in Philosophy
University of Nottingham, UK, 2003-2004
'Figurative Representations: An Essay on the Similarities between Linguistic and Pictorial Metaphor': supervised by Prof Gregory Currie; examined by Prof Berys Gaut.
BA in Philosophy
Cardiff University, UK, 2000-2003
Companies I've worked with
Chelsea Collge of Art and Design
University of Nottingham
Lacey Contemporary
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